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Teams are organised by Division.  Simply find your division and click on it, then your team name, and click on the link.

To secure your privacy and that of your team mates, you will see your team's information ONLY IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN.

If you are not logged in, you will mostly see an empty page.  Hit the 'Login' menu item, then go back to your team page, and you should see all your teams' relevant and useful information.  :-)

Wet Weather

Games on Tuesdays & Thursdays in wet weather - our team are at the courts approx. 1 hour prior to games. We will assess the court situation and post a game cancellation ON LOVENETBALL FACEBOOK PAGE as soon as we cancel any games due to an unsafe court environment. 

*** We know that rain is unpredictable, and our aim is to balance the need to keep players safe whilst also delivering on what you have paid for. Invariably people will have conflicting opinions about the calls that we make - but please trust that we take all factors into account and have your best interests at heart ***


Tuesday | Ladies Competitive Division 1


Tuesday | Ladies Competitive Division 2


Tuesday | Ladies Intermediate


Tuesday | Ladies Social Division 1


Tuesday | Social Division 2

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