Season Information

Your all year-round competition in Bondi!

Welcome and thank you for registering to play with Love Netball. Here are the details you need for playing with us!



Are available on the Love Netball website under ‘Fixtures section’.


Player Registration

All players that take the court must be registered in the current Love Netball season. 

Players Team Locker 

Connect with your team and useful information about the Season. 


Fill-in Players Facebook Group

You can fill in for other teams and request players via the closed Facebook group- Love Netball Bondi Player Fill In. Players can play up in any division but only down 1 division. Fill in players can only play in WA or WD positions.

Follow Us On Social Media

You can find us @lovenetball on Instagram. Find us on Facebook – LoveNetball. All wet weather information is posted here. 


Court Location

If you are new to Love Netball, you can view a map of the courts under court locations. Games are played at Waverley Park.



You can wear whatever you feel comfortable playing in. Please ensure you are wearing sturdy footwear designed for sport.


Nails & Jewellery

All nails and jewellery will be checked prior to your game. Please note you will not be allowed onto the court with any jewellery, even if it is taped (except a plain, taped wedding band). We do allow players to wear suitable sport gloves for long nails.


New Teams and Players

Please arrive at least 15 mins prior to your game to meet your team. Team captains with new players best to arrange a meeting point so you welcome your new players.


More Information

Everything can be found on our website 


Have a great season and get in touch with the team if you need any further information!   

The Love Netball team






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